7 Reasons to Choose Portugal as Your Holiday Destination This Summer

As summer slowly approaches, it’s time to start planning your next holiday. There are a lot of places to choose from, but Portugal continues to be top of the list for a lot of tourists. If you are looking for a destination that offers sun, sea, history, culture and stunning scenery, then Portugal should definitely be on your list. It doesn’t matter if you are travelling with kids or older relatives, as a couple or alone, you won’t be disappointed by what Portugal has to offer. Portugal is a small, but diverse country that offers a wide range of experiences to suit every traveller’s taste.

In this article, we will explore seven reasons why you should choose Portugal as your holiday destination this summer.

Why You Should Choose Portugal as Your Holiday Destination

  1. The Weather – Portugal is blessed with warm and sunny weather all year round, making it the perfect destination for a summer holiday. The peak season is from June to August, when temperatures can reach 30°C in some areas, and sometimes even higher. However, even in the off season, you can still enjoy mild temperatures and sunny days. This makes Portugal a great destination for beach lovers, who can soak up the sun on the country’s beautiful beaches, or for those who want to explore the country’s historic cities and towns without being too hot or too cold. It’s also warm enough for you to enjoy being outdoors, but without it being unbearably hot for little ones.
  2. The Beaches – Portugal has some of the most stunning beaches in Europe, with miles of beautiful coastline to explore. This is especially true in the Algarve region, where there is a beach to suit everyone. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing beach holiday or an action packed adventure, Portugal has it all, and you won’t be short of coastline to explore. You can try surfing, windsurfing and swimming, or you can just soak up the sun and enjoy the stunning views. There are also a range of family friendly beaches for you to choose from, which have the amenities a young family is likely to need for a day at the beach.
  3. The Food and Wine – Portuguese cuisine is a delicious fusion of Mediterranean and Atlantic flavours, with fresh seafood, grilled meats, and a wide variety of vegetables and legumes. Portugal is also famous for its wine, with the Algarve region producing some of the best wines in the world. You can enjoy traditional dishes like grilled sardines, octopus salad, and salted cod, and sample some of the country’s delicious wines in local vineyards and wine bars. There are also international dishes, family friendly restaurants and fast food options available. There really is something for everyone in Portugal.
  4. The History and Culture – Portugal has a rich history and culture, with a mix of influences from its past as a global trading nation. From the castles of the Algarve to the Baroque churches of Porto and Lisbon, there’s a wealth of historical and cultural sites to explore. Portugal is also home to many museums and art galleries, showcasing the country’s rich artistic and cultural heritage. A lot of people make the mistake of assuming that Portugal is a country that’s best suited to adults, but the history and culture is something that holidaymakers of all ages can enjoy.
  5. The Outdoor Activities – If you are an adventure seeker, Portugal is the perfect destination for you. You can go hiking in stunning mountain ranges, try rock climbing in the Algarve, or go mountain biking in remote areas. Portugal is also famous for its water sports, with surfing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing being popular activities on the beaches of the Algarve and the west coast. There is also a seemingly endless list of golf courses for you to enjoy, which is why it’s a popular golfing destination for amateurs and professionals alike. A holiday in Portugal is one that involves spending a lot of time outside.
  6. The Festivals and Events – Portugal is known for its lively and colourful festivals and events, which take place throughout the year. A lot of these take place during the summer months and huge crowds gather, they really are very popular events. You can expect street parties, food stalls, and traditional dancing. There are even seafood festivals dedicated to celebrating the Portuguese love of the ocean.
  7. The People – Last but by no means least, the people of Portugal are warm and welcoming. Regardless of where you venture in the country, you are sure to be impressed by how lovely the people are. Portugal is home to a lot of locals who embrace tourism, tourists and holidaymakers. They are keen to welcome you into their lives, and you won’t struggle to find locals giving recommendations and advice. One of the best ways to meet local people in Portugal is to visit a local restaurant.

There are a lot of reasons to choose Portugal as your holiday destination this summer, regardless of the type of holiday you are looking for. It’s a fantastic way to explore a new part of Europe, without having to venture too far from home. It has everything from great weather and beautiful beaches, to history and culture. It ticks a lot of boxes, which is why you will find a variety of tourists choosing it as their holiday destination this year. It doesn’t simply attract one type of person, it attracts everyone.

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