How to Plan a Holiday to Portugal That Teenagers Will Love

We can all agree that Portugal is a beautiful country, rich in history, culture and natural beauty. It attracts millions of holidaymakers each and every year, with many returning time and time again to soak up everything the country has to offer. It’s an ideal destination for family holidays, and with a little bit of planning, you can create a trip that teenagers will love. We know that planning a holiday that excites teenagers can be difficult, but that doesn’t mean that it’s an impossible task. In this blog, we will explore how to plan a holiday to Portugal that teenagers are sure to enjoy.

Plan a Holiday in Portugal Your Teen Will Enjoy

  • Choose the Right Time to Visit – The time of year that you visit Portugal can greatly impact your trip. If you’re traveling with teenagers, you’ll want to avoid peak tourist season – which is July and August – when the crowds are larger and prices are higher. However, as this is during the school holidays, that’s not always an option. Spring and autumn are great seasons to visit Portugal, as the weather is mild, and the crowds are smaller, allowing for a more relaxed and authentic experience.
  • Plan an Active Itinerary – Teenagers are often full of energy and enthusiasm, so plan an itinerary that includes plenty of activities. Portugal offers a wealth of opportunities for outdoor activities, from hiking to surfing, and everything in between. You can visit the Algarve region, known for its stunning beaches and great surfing, or explore the valleys and their vineyards. You can also take a bike tour of the city or countryside, or try stand up paddleboarding along the coast. There really is a lot that teenagers can get involved in.
  • Include Some Cultural Activities – While teenagers may enjoy physical activities, they also like to learn about new cultures and traditions. Portugal has a rich history and cultural heritage that is worth exploring. You can visit museums, galleries and monuments to learn about Portugal’s past. Though you don’t have to spend your entire trip doing cultural activities, it’s good to mix things up and keep things varied.
  • Plan a Food Tour – Portugal has a rich culinary heritage that includes fresh seafood, world class wines, and pastries. Teenagers will love the chance to try new foods and flavors. You can try local delicacies or take a cooking class to learn how to make traditional dishes like bacalhau or pastel de nata. This is something that a lot of teenagers would be interested in, especially if they consider themselves to be foodies.
  • Book Accommodation That Offers Activities – When traveling with teenagers, it’s important to choose accommodation that provides entertainment and activities. Look for hotels or resorts that offer swimming pools, sports facilities or games rooms. You can also opt for holiday rentals that come with amenities like bicycles, kayaks or board games.
  • Plan a Day Trip to a Theme Park – Theme parks are always a hit with teenagers, and Portugal has some great options. You can visit Zoomarine in Albufeira, which has water slides, a wave pool and dolphin shows. There are also similar attractions located in various places around the main holiday areas of the country, and they are sure to be popular with children and teenagers of all ages. They are a great way to keep the entire family entertained, in one place and enjoying the Portuguese sunshine.
  • Give Them Some Free Time – While it’s important to have a packed itinerary, it’s also important to give teenagers some free time to explore on their own. Allow them to wander around the cities, visit local cafes or simply hang out by the pool. This will give them the chance to feel independent and explore their interests, whilst also being under your watchful eye.
  • Plan a Beach Day – Portugal has some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Take a day to relax on the beach, soak up the sun and go for a swim. Regardless of where you are staying in Portugal, you won’t struggle to find a gorgeous beach, but a lot of them are located in the Algarve. The Algarve is where you will find crystal clear water, white sand and a tropical vibe.
  • Take a Boat Trip – Portugal is surrounded by the ocean, making it a perfect destination for a boat trip. You can take a boat tour of the Algarve coast or explore the popular natural park, or a lagoon that is home to a diverse range of wildlife. With a boat trip, teenagers can explore another side of Portugal, and see the country from a different perspective. It’s a unique experience and not something that they are likely to do at home.

As you can see, there are a range of things that you can do to ensure a holiday to Portugal is enjoyable for the whole family. Though a lot of people initially assume that travelling with teens is a stressful and daunting experience, it really doesn’t have to be. As long as you have a plan in place and you organise activities that they’re sure to enjoy, there is no reason as to why they won’t love their time in Portugal. It’s a good idea to involve them in the planning process, to ensure that their likes and dislikes are taken into account. You could let them choose an activity or attraction, or you could ask them what type of accommodation they would prefer to stay in.

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