5 Reasons to Choose Carvoeiro as Your Holiday Destination

If you know anything about the Algarve, you will know that there are a number of small villages and towns within the region. One of these is Carvoeiro, a small fishing village surrounded by beautiful cliffs and sandy beaches. Carvoeiro has been a popular tourist destination for many years, and there are a lot of reasons as to why people choose to spend their holidays there.

Understanding the Appeal of Carvoeiro

One of the main reasons is that the weather in Carvoeiro is perfect all year round, meaning that you can visit at any time of the year without worrying about extreme temperatures or downpours. Another reason why people choose to go on holiday to Carvoeiro is because it offers plenty of activities for visitors, especially those who want to explore nature. It boasts unique rock formations, natural pools and long stretches of beach.

When you consider all of the things that Carvoeiro has to offer, it’s easy to see why holidaymakers continue to choose the village as their holiday destination of choice. However, it’s not just the weather and the natural wonders that draw people in. Carvoeiro also has gorgeous beaches, a range of accommodation options and restaurants serving local cuisine. Plus, it’s one of Portugal’s many family friendly destinations.

Why Should You Choose Carvoeiro as Your Next Holiday Destination?

  1. The Beautiful Beaches – If you are looking for a holiday destination with beautiful beaches, you won’t be disappointed by what Carvoeiro has to offer. There are a lot of gorgeous beaches in Portugal, and many of the best are found in the Algarve region. These are beaches that are sandy and safe, and they stretch all the way along the coast. There are beaches that are ideal for relaxation, as well as those that are perfect for energetic children and people who enjoy watersports.
  2. The Glorious Weather – There is no denying that Portugal has some of the best weather in Europe, and Carvoeiro is no exception. You can head to Carvoeiro in the summer, knowing that you are almost always guaranteed to have good weather. This means sunny days, warm evenings and only a small chance of rain. If you head to Carvoeiro during the winter, you can also enjoy lovely weather. Though it won’t be as warm as the summer months, it is likely to be warmer than a lot of other places.
  3. The Local Food and Cuisine – Portugal is well known for having delicious food and unbeatable local cuisine, and Carvoeiro has a lot of restaurants serving exactly that. You can explore Carvoeiro in the evening, knowing that you won’t struggle to find somewhere to eat. There are high end and up market restaurants, as well as those that are a lot more casual and family friendly. Whether you are looking to splurge or save the pennies, Carvoeiro has tonnes of restaurants to satisfy your taste buds.
  4. The Range of Accommodation – There are a lot of accommodation options in Carvoeiro, which means there is something for every type of holidaymaker. You will find luxurious hotels and boutique B&Bs, as well as private apartments and villas to rent. You will always find a number of camping options, which are popular for those who prefer to stay in a tent or caravan when they’re abroad. As there are a lot of accommodation options in Carvoeiro, you won’t struggle to find something that works within your budget.
  5. It’s a Family Friendly Destination – One of the main reasons tourists head to Carvoeiro is because it’s a family friendly holiday destination. A lot of the Algarve is ideal for families travelling with children, as there is so much to see and do. There are swimming pools, beautiful beaches, waterparks, museums, historical sights and cultural attractions. There is something for every age group, ranging from toddlers to teenagers.

As you can see, Carvoeiro really does offer something for everyone. Regardless of whether you are heading to Carvoeiro for a family holiday or you are looking for a tranquil few days away, you won’t be disappointed by what the area has to offer. You only need to spend a moment or two researching Carvoeiro and the surrounding areas to see why it’s such a popular area for European holidays.

Planning Your Carvoeiro Holiday

Once you have chosen Carvoeiro as your holiday destination, it’s time to start planning your trip. This is relatively easy to do and you won’t find yourself short of choice. The nearest airport to Carvoeiro is Faro and there are multiple flights every day. There are also a lot of accommodation options – ranging from private apartments and villas to luxurious hotels – and many of these can be booked without breaking the bank. You might decide to spend some time in Faro, as many people do, or head straight to Carvoeiro to begin your holiday.

It’s also important to think about what you plan to do in Carvoeiro. Though it’s near the airport, a lot of tourists opt to hire a car and explore the surrounding areas. There’s a lot going on in the Algarve and though Carvoeiro is by no means lacking in things to do, exploring nearby towns and villages will give you the chance to see what else the region has to offer. However, if you don’t want to hire a car, there are a lot of tours and other options for getting from A to B.

It’s important to remember that booking a trip to Carvoeiro can be tailored to you, who you are travelling with and the type of holiday you are interested in having. There really is something for everyone in the Algarve, from watersports to cultural sights, from beautiful beaches to waterparks. This is why so many people head back to Carvoeiro time and time again, as there is no end of things to see and do.

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