5 Ways to Have Fun in the Sun During Your Trip to Carvoeiro

When you are booking a trip to Carvoeiro, you are probably doing so because you want a break from the hustle and bustle of normal life. It’s understandable, considering how stressful and busy daily life can be at home. For many people, this includes wanting a break from unreliable and unpredictable weather in the UK.

In the summer, days in Carvoeiro are filled with sunshine and this draws a lot of holidaymakers to the area. However, a lot of people underestimate just how many things there are to do in the sunshine. It’s not simply a case of having a day or two at the beach, perhaps an hour or two at the pool, as a lot of the main things to see and do in Carvoeiro are outside. In fact, a holiday in Carvoeiro is one that is largely spent outside. This means you can enjoy your trip, knowing that you are making the most of the sunshine.

Enjoy the Sunshine in Carvoeiro With These Five Activities

Though there are a lot of ways to enjoy the sunshine in Carvoeiro, we have narrowed down five of the most popular things to do in order to have fun in the sun.

  1. Take a Trip to the Beach – There are a lot of fabulous beaches in Portugal, the majority of which are located in the Algarve. In Carvoeiro, you will find dozens of beautiful beaches with long stretches of sand, calm waters and activities. This means you can have fun in the sun, whilst enjoying something that Carvoeiro is famed for. There are a range of beaches in Carvoeiro and the surrounding areas, meaning there is something for everyone. Regardless of whether you are looking for a secluded beach for a relaxing day, or you would prefer a busy beach that is family friendly, you won’t find yourself short of choice.
  2. Make the Most of a Swimming Pool – Regardless of where you stay in Carvoeiro, there is a high chance that you will have access to a swimming pool. The majority of hotels, apartments and villas all boast swimming pools in Carvoeiro. Enjoying a few hours at the swimming pool is a great way to make the most of the beautiful weather Carvoeiro has, without needing to venture too far. As long as you have your swimming stuff, you will be having fun in the sun before you know it. Of all of the things to do in Carvoeiro, swimming is one that allows you to have sun in the sun without feeling overwhelmed in the heat.
  3. Check Out One of the Water Parks – If you have spent any time in the Algarve region before, you will know that the weather is predictable and reliable. This is why there are a number of water parks dotted throughout the region, including a handful that are close to Carvoeiro. Checking out of the many water parks is a great way to have fun in the sun, while being active and checking out a popular attraction. Plus, there is something for everyone. There are slides that will get your adrenaline pumping, as well as those that are suitable for younger children. Though swimming in the pool or in the sea is fun, it’s not quite as thrilling as plummeting down a slide or bobbing about in the lazy river.
  4. Enjoy Local Cuisine and Dine Outside – When they think of having fun in the sun, a lot of people think of activities and busy days. However, enjoying local cuisines and dining outside is just as enjoyable. It’s the ideal way to enjoy being outside, to soak up the sun and to make the most of being in Carvoeiro. Though Carvoeiro does have a lot of restaurants serving international dishes and family favourites, there are also a number of restaurants that focus on Portuguese cuisine. Whether it’s lunch or dinner that you are after, Carvoeiro doesn’t disappoint on the food front.
  5. Wander Along the Carvoeiro Boardwalk – If you enjoy stretching your legs and enjoying the great outdoors, you won’t find yourself short of places to walk or hike in Carvoeiro. There are a number of walkways in the area, many of which boast impressive views and lookouts. One of the most popular places to walk is the Carvoeiro Boardwalk. It’s built into the cliffs and it offers amazing scenery and views, and it’s the ideal way to spend some relaxing time in the sunshine and fresh air. You can enjoy looking at the Atlantic Ocean and unique rock formations, whilst soaking up the sun in a brand new location.

As you can see, there are a number of ways to have fun in the sun during your trip to Carvoeiro. There is no need to stay inside and you certainly won’t leave feeling as though you missed out on the sunshine. With so many of Carvoeiro’s top activities being outside, making the most of the sunshine is easy.

How Much Sunshine Does Carvoeiro Get?

You don’t have to be an expert on the Algarve to know that the southern part of Portugal gets a lot of sunshine, and that includes Carvoeiro. Between May and September, Carvoeiro experiences glorious weather most of the time. This means blue skies, sunshine and warmth. Though there are the odd rainy and cloudy days, most of the time you can be having fun in the sun.

One of the great things about Carvoeiro’s weather is that, despite being warm and sunny, it’s rarely too hot. This means you can spend a lot of time outside, without desperately wanting to get back inside. As long as you have sun protection and shade, you won’t miss out on the wonderful weather Carvoeiro has to offer.

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