Looking for a Restaurant in Carvoeiro? Here are 6 of the Best

When it comes to getting the most out of your holiday, a lot of people focus their attention on ticking off the things to do and things to see in a certain area. Though this is certainly a key part of enjoying a holiday destination, don’t make the mistake of forgetting about the food. Carvoeiro, along with a lot of other places in the Algarve region of Portugal, has a range of restaurants to choose from. As well as serving a wealth of international cuisine, a lot of them focus their attention on local dishes and Portuguese favourites. This means you can head out for dinner, knowing that you’re going to be treated to a whole host of delicious options. There really is something for everyone in Carvoeiro, regardless of how daring or picky you are.

6 of Carvoeiro’s Best Restaurants for Holidaymakers to Visit

With so many restaurants to choose from, you might feel overwhelmed with where to head for breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you are staying in self catering accommodation, you will probably only head out for a handful of meals during your time in Carvoeiro. If this is the case, you will want to make sure that you’re picking the best of the best. If you are not staying in self catering accommodation and you are planning to eat out a lot, you will want to make sure that you avoid wasting time in subpar establishments. To help you out, we have listed six of the best restaurants in Carvoeiro. These are family favourites, local spots and ‘go to’ options for holidaymakers.

  1. Happy’s Restaurant – Though Happy’s Resturant might not look to be the most exciting of places in Carvoeiro, looks can be deceiving. This is a favourite of locals and tourists alike, and it’s certainly somewhere to try during your stay in Carvoeiro. It boasts delicious food, friendly staff and excellent service. Happy’s Restaurant is well known for its atmosphere, but the local food is just as impressive.
  2. Bon Bon – If you are looking for something closer to fine dining and less casual, consider checking out Bon Bon. This is a restaurant that frequently gets glowing reviews, which is why it’s often listed as one of the best restaurants in Carvoeiro. There are a range of dishes available, including a Tasting Menu and wine pairings.
  3. Monte do Mar Carvoeiro – There’s something for everyone in Monte do Mar Carvoeiro, thanks to its local and continental cuisine. It’s slightly away from the main streets of Carvoeiro and it has a more private, tranquil and secluded guide. It’s perfect if you are looking for something a little bit out of the way and away from the tourist hotspots.
  4. Jota Lita – Jota Lita is a local restaurant that’s run by a friendly, hard working and welcoming family. It’s become a bit of a Carvoeiro institution in recent years, thanks to locals and tourists alike returning time and time again. You only have to read a handful of reviews to see that Jota Lita really does impressive in terms of food, service and staff.
  5. Gurkha Kitchen – If you are looking for something other than Portuguese food, head to Gurkha Kitchen. It serves a whole host of Nepalese and Indian cuisine, all of which is fresh and delicious. It’s a great way to have something other than the authentic food of the Algarve and perfect if you are in the mood for something spicy.
  6. Taste Restaurante – Hailed as being one of the best restaurants in Carvoeiro, Taste Restaurante is busy and it’s busy for a reason. It serves everything from local cuisine to international food, vegetarian dishes and European classics. It’s somewhere you can go, knowing that there will always be something on the menu to take your fancy.

As you can see, there is no shortage of places to eat in Carvoeiro. Though it’s not the biggest or busiest of places in the Algarve, it’s certainly not lacking in restaurants and cafes. This is great news for holidaymakers, as you can relax knowing that there is always going to be somewhere catering to your culinary needs.

Why You Should Sample as Many Different Restaurants as Possible in Carvoeiro

There are a lot of exciting things about travelling abroad, such as basking in the sunshine and splashing around in the sea. It’s also nice to be on holiday, away from the stresses of daily life and having a break from work. But, for a lot of people, it’s the food that really gets their excitement going. When you travel somewhere new, there is a whole host of delicious food for you to enjoy. This could include cultural dishes and authentic cuisine, as well as fresh ingredients and local foods. Eating out at home is enjoyable enough, without throwing in the fact that there is something extra special about eating out on holiday. You can sit back, enjoy the beautiful views and tuck into food that you may not otherwise eat on a regular basis.

In Carvoeiro, there are a lot of restaurants to choose from. This means that there is something for everyone, and you don’t have to stick to the same two or three restaurants for the duration of your holiday. Though you might want to revisit your favourite restaurant before you head home, it’s always a good idea to try as many different restaurants as you can. Not only does this help to keep the holiday interesting – after all, who doesn’t look forward to working their way through a new menu each night – but it allows you to eat as much variety as possible.

Though a lot of restaurants in Carvoeiro do serve local and traditional dishes, you will also find international cuisine and family favourites. This means you won’t struggle to find something even the fussiest of eaters will be happy with. The more restaurants you try, the more of the Carvoeiro food scene you have sampled.

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