The Most Popular Day Trips in Carvoeiro

If you know anything about Carvoeiro, you will know how much the town has to offer. Despite being a relatively small town in the Algarve region of Portugal, Carvoeiro has a lot to offer tourists and holidaymakers. That being said, there is no reason to spend all of your time in Carvoeiro. If you have a few days to spare and you have seen everything Carvoeiro has to offer, consider taking a day trip somewhere else. Thanks to its central location and accessibility, there are a lot of places to go that are only a short distance from Carvoeiro. If anything, you will be spoiled for choice.

The Top Day Trips From Carvoeiro

You only need to do a little bit of research to see how many day trip options there are from Carvoeiro. Though this gives you a lot of choice, it could leave you struggling to decide where to go. To help you out, we have listed three of the most popular day trips to do from Carvoeiro.

  • Ferragudo – If you are looking for a day trip that’s only a short distance from Carvoeiro, head to Ferragudo. It’s approximately 15 minutes away by car, and it’s a popular place for people to visit during their time in Carvoeiro. Ferragudo is a fishing village to the north of Carvoeiro, and it’s got a lot to offer in terms of pretty sights and restaurants. It’s not somewhere you need to spend an entire day – unless you want to, of course – and a lot of people head to Ferragudo for dinner, as a way to sample something outside of Carvoeiro. There are a lot of fishing boats in Ferragudo and fishing is big business, which is why you will find a lot of seafood on offer. You will also find quaint cobblestone streets, a beautiful beach called Praia Grande and watersports.
  • Portimao – If you have done any research into the Algarve as a whole, you will probably have heard of Portimao. It’s one of the most popular places to holiday in the Algarve, as it’s large and full of things to see, do and experience. It’s around 20 minutes from Carvoeiro by car, so it’s perfect for a day trip or evening out. There is a local market selling fresh fish and produce, which is a great place to pick up supplies if you are staying in self catering accommodation. Portimao also has a lot of shops, restaurants and streets to wander down. It’s a lot bigger than Carvoeiro, and it’s an insight into a busier side of the Algarve region.
  • Loule – If you are looking to go a little bit further afield, head to Loule. You can reach Loule by heading along the motorway towards Faro Airport, and it’s about a 35 minutes drive from Carvoeiro in total. Loule is a small town, but it draws a lot of visitors at the weekend. There is a market held on a Saturday morning, where you will find everything from garlic to sausages, from cake to honey. This market has a lot to offer, and it’s well worth the drive from Carvoeiro. Loule also has a number of places to eat outside, so you can relax and enjoy a cup of coffee whilst soaking up the town. Though Loule is relatively small and it’s not where a lot of holidaymakers base themselves for the duration of their trip, it’s certainly worth a day trip from Carvoeiro.

Though the three day trips listed above are popular, there are certainly many more for you to choose from. There are water parks, museums, boat trips, caves, watersports, dolphin watching and hiking excursions close by to Carvoeiro. All you need to do is research the surrounding areas and see what other towns in the Algarve have to offer.

Why Do Holidaymakers Enjoy Day Trips?

There are a lot of holidaymakers in the Algarve, especially during the summer months. Many of these choose to stay in Carvoeiro, as it’s a calm and relaxing place to be. There is a lot to see and do in Carvoeiro, and for most tourists, it has everything you could need from a Portuguese holiday. However, that doesn’t mean you need to stay in Carvoeiro and not venture out. If you want to explore more of the Algarve and see what else is out there, consider taking a day trip.

Holidaymakers enjoy day trips because they provide something new to do on holiday. Instead of staying in one place, such as Carvoeiro, day trips allow you to see more of what the region has to offer. Plus, it opens up a wealth of other things to see and do. Rather than being restricted by staying in Carvoeiro and the surrounding areas, day trips give you a greater selection of attractions and activities to choose from. For example, there are no water parks and museums in Carvoeiro. However, there are many located just a short drive away.

Carvoeiro is a relatively small, quiet and tranquil part of the Algarve. This is ideal for a lot of holidaymakers, especially couples and those travelling with children. However, that’s not to say that mixing things up isn’t nice every once in a while. Eventually, many holiday makers find themselves craving something a little more lively. When this happens, a day trip is the ideal solution.

Regardless of the type of day trip you are after, you won’t be disappointed by what’s within drivable distance of Carvoeiro. You could choose to hire a car and drive yourself, or you could book onto an organised trip. Whatever you decide, day trips are a great way to get more out of your holiday.

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