What’s There For Kids to Do in Carvoeiro?

There is no denying the popularity of Carvoeiro as a holiday destination. It attracts a whole host of tourists each and every year, from young solo travellers to retired couples. However, it’s especially popular with families and those travelling with kids. This is because Carvoeiro has a lot to offer young children, and there’s even a whole host of things for older kids to do.

When you are travelling with kids, it’s important that you have an idea of what’s available in the local area. In Carvoeiro, you won’t be short of choice. Whether you are heading to the Algarve for a long weekend or a two week summer holiday, there’s a lot for kids to do in Carvoeiro.

5 Things to Do in Carvoeiro That Kids Will Love

Though there are a lot of things to see and do in Carvoeiro, we have singled out some of the most popular options for kids. From days a the beach to trips to Krazy World, kids are bound to enjoy their holiday in Carvoeiro just as much as you are.

  1. A Beach Day – There is certainly no shortage of beaches in Carvoeiro, and many of them are ideal for children. The Algarve is well known for its beautiful beaches and long stretches of sand, and there are a lot of different beaches for you to visit. This means you can enjoy exploring a range of Carvoeiro’s top beaches, or you can find your favourite and stick to it. A lot of the beaches in Carvoeiro are designed with children in mind, and a lot of them have useful facilities such as bathrooms and shops close by. Carvoeiro Beach, Praia Grande and Carvalho Beach are all popular amongst families.
  2. A Visit to Carvoeiro Park – Located at the top of the cliffs, Carvoeiro Park is ideal for toddlers and small children. It has slides, swings and a variety of other play equipment for kids to enjoy. There are also benches, shaded areas, stunning views and a lot of room to run around. There are a lot of different parks in Carvoeiro, but Carvoeiro Park continues to be one of the most popular for families. This is because it’s clean, tidy, well maintained and easy to access from the main areas in Carvoeiro.
  3. A Trip to Krazy World – If you don’t mind venturing slightly out of Carvoeiro, you can enjoy a day at Krazy World with your kids. It’s ideal for children aged between four and ten, though older kids are also likely to enjoy a lot of what it has to offer. Krazy World is open throughout the year, so it’s perfect if you are visiting out of peak season. At Krazy World, kids can enjoy a petting zoo, reptile house and a lot of other animals. There is also a golf course, woodland, a swimming pool and slides.
  4. A Day at a Water Park – There are two water parks close to Carvoeiro, both of which are worth checking out if you are holidaying with children. They are suitable for children of any age and there are slides, pools and areas for little ones, as well as more extreme slides for those who are older. Splish and Splash is located close to Lagos and Aquland is closer to Alcantharilha. Both of these can be accessed from Carvoeiro. If you are visiting the Algarve and don’t plan to hire a car, there are transport options available.
  5. A Trip to Zoomarine – Zoomarine is a family favourite in Carvoeiro, and it’s something worth checking out regardless of how old your children are. It’s located in Guia, which is easy to get to from Carvoeiro. It boasts dolphin and sea lions shoes, roads, a big wheel, a 4D cinema, water slides, a man made beach area and more. There is something for the whole family at Zoomarine and even adults are sure to enjoy what the park has to offer.

As you can see, there is no shortage of things for kids to do in Carvoeiro. It doesn’t matter if you are travelling with toddlers or teenagers, or children with ages somewhere in between, you won’t find yourself short of things to do. There is always something happening in Carvoeiro, which means your days can be filled with fun in the sun. Though it’s enjoyable enough to relax by the swimming pool, kids do tend to get bored fairly easily. When this happens, head to Zoomarine or Krazy World. If you are looking for something free to keep them entertained, Carvoeiro Park is likely to be the preferred option.

Planning a Holiday in Carvoeiro With Children

If you are planning a holiday in Carvoeiro with children, you need to think about creating a rough itinerary. Though it’s enjoyable to go with the flow, having a rough idea of what you want to do can be helpful. Not only does this allow you to plan your day trips ahead of time, but it also gives the kids time to look forward to the various attractions.

It’s a good idea to research the different things to do, as this will help you to decide what your children are most likely to enjoy. One of the great things about Carvoeiro is that a lot of the main attractions appeal to people of all ages, interests and preferences. This makes it easy to go as a group, as you can relax knowing that everyone will enjoy something different.

As well as making the most of everything Carvoeiro has to offer, remember to schedule some relaxing and less structured days. After all, you’re on holiday and it’s a time to relax, unwind and forget about the stresses of being at home. Plus, ‘down’ days give children a time to recover from busy days out. Carvoeiro Park, Carvoeiro Beach and the local swimming pools are ideal for days like this.

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