Which Airport Should I Fly to For a Holiday in Carvoeiro?

There are a handful of different airports in Portugal but if you are heading to Carvoeiro on holiday, the chances are you will fly into Faro Airport. This is the airport that’s closest to Carvoeiro, and it can be easily reached by car in under an hour. If you fly into Faro Airport, you are making your journey to Carvoeiro a lot easier. Instead of having to plan long transfers from another airport, you can relax knowing that you are less than an hour away at all times. Faro Airport is by no means remarkable, but it serves a purpose and ensures travelling to the Algarve is simple.

Our Guide to Faro Airport

If you haven’t been to Faro Airport before, you might be wondering what to expect. Below, we have detailed some of the key things to know about Faro Airport. The more you know about the airport, the simpler your travel experience will be.

  • It Serves the South of Portugal – When you visit Carvoeiro, or anywhere else in the Algarve, you will probably fly into Faro Airport. This is the airport that serves the south of Portugal, and the entire region known as the Algarve. It’s positioned on the coast, close to the town of Faro, and it’s easy to travel from the airport to most places in the Algarve.
  • It’s a Convenient Place to Fly Into – In fact, you can drive from Faro Airport to Carvoeiro in under an hour. This makes it a convenient place to fly into, regardless of where you are staying in the Algarve. There are also a range of public transport options between Faro Airport and the town, as well as car hire services.
  • It Can Be Quite Busy at Peak Times – A lot of the people who use Faro Airport are tourists and holidaymakers, heading to the Algarve for a summer holiday with their family or a beach break with friends. This means that the airport can be quite busy during the summer months, but it’s far less busy in the winter. With fewer tourists, fewer people use Faro Airport.
  • It’s a Relatively Small Airport – Faro Airport is a lot smaller than many of Europe’s other airports, which gives it a personal feel. It’s not a big and bustling airport like Heathrow, nor is it a super modern airport that’s recently been improved. However, it still has everything you need an airport to have, including places to grab food or drinks.
  • It’s Easy to Navigate – As Faro Airport is a lot smaller than many other airports, it’s easy to navigate. You won’t find yourself spending hours wandering around Duty Free, nor will you have to embark on a marathon walk to reach your boarding gate.
  • It Doesn’t Have the Best Public Transport Links – If you plan to reach Carvoeiro by public transport, you won’t be able to do so directly from Faro Airport. Instead, you will have to travel into the town itself, which is about a 15 minute taxi ride away. This is a slight inconvenience, and is one of the reasons why some people choose to hire a car for their time in the Algarve.

Faro Airport is the ideal place to fly into when you head to Carvoeiro on holiday. Regardless of whether you are going for a long weekend or a two week break, Faro Airport is the closest option. Plus, it’s serviced by the majority of major airlines, including budget operators.

Are Flights to Faro Airport Expensive?

There is no denying that flights can be expensive, especially during the summer months when everyone is keen to travel. However, flights to Faro Airport from the UK are not as expensive as some others. As the flight time is short, you shouldn’t struggle to find flights within your budget. You could even reduce the cost of your flights to Carvoeiro by flying at unpopular times, such as early in the morning or late at night. Flying during term time is also an option, though this is only doable if you don’t have children at school.

There are a lot of airlines that fly to Faro Airport, many of which are budget operators. If you choose to fly with one of these, you should notice that the cost of your ticket is less than if you flew with a more luxurious airline. You can also cut the cost of your flight by travelling with hand luggage only, which might be an option if you only plan to spend a few days in Carvoeiro.

How Early Should I Arrive at Faro Airport?

When it’s time to head home, you will need to head back to Faro Airport, but knowing how early to get there can be difficult. Sometimes checking in and going through security is a breeze, but other times it’s extremely busy and takes a while. This is why the airport itself recommends you arrive 2 hours and 30 minutes before your departure time. This should give you enough time to check in any luggage, get through security and make your way to the gate. If the airport is unusually busy, you will have some time to spare without missing your flight. If the airport is unusually quiet, you can enjoy the amenities of the airport until it’s time to board.

If you are travelling as a large group or with young children, it’s important to give yourself enough time to check in and get through security, allowing enough time to travel to your gate. If the airport is busy, you will need to rush and this isn’t easy when you have little ones with you, or if you are travelling with a lot of people.

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