A Step by Step Guide to Booking an Affordable Carvoeiro Holiday

If you are considering Carvoeiro as your holiday destination of choice, you will be pleased to know that there is a lot to see and do in the area. There are beautiful beaches, welcoming restaurants and a whole host of activities for holidaymakers. However, the cost of going on holiday is rising, and more people than ever before are looking for more affordable options. Thankfully, there are ways to ensure your holiday in Carvoeiro is affordable.

How to Book an Affordable Carvoeiro Holiday

There is no denying the rising cost of going on holiday, especially if you are heading abroad. Luckily, there are a number of ways to reduce the cost of a holiday in Carvoeiro. Below, we have listed some of the key ways of cutting the cost of your time in Portugal.

  • Book Your Accommodation Early – There are a lot of accommodation options in Carvoeiro, so leaving things until the last minute won’t leave you without somewhere to stay. However, it could leave you paying more than you would like during your time in Carvoeiro. If you book your accommodation early, you have a whole host of options to choose from. There’s something for every budget in Carvoeiro, so you certainly won’t be paying more than you can afford, unless you leave things until the last moment. Booking your accommodation early means having a whole host of affordable options to choose from. Plus, you could even take advantage of some great early bird deals.
  • Be Flexible on Flight Times and Days – There is no shortage of flights to Faro, which is the closest airport to Carvoeiro and the main place to fly into if you are visiting the Algarve. However, if you want to cut the cost of your Carvoeiro holiday, you need to be flexible. Choosing flights at unpopular times – such as late at night, very early in the morning and during the week – can reduce the cost of your trip significantly, compared to if you flew at a popular time. If you are flexible, you can simply choose the cheaper flight options.
  • Look for Deals and Offers – Though it might be tempting to book the first accommodation and flights you find, take a moment to look at various deals and offers. Airlines, hotels and owners of private rentals regularly offer discounts, which can reduce the cost of your Carvoeiro holiday in a big way. You might find deals for booking early, or even for booking a recently renovated apartment that is looking for a first round of guests. By looking for deals and offers, you can book a Carvoeiro holiday knowing that you are not paying more than you should be.
  • Choose Self Catering Accommodation – One of the biggest expenses on holiday is eating out, which is why choosing self catering accommodation could save you a lot of money. There are a number of fantastic restaurants in Carvoeiro, but having self catering facilities means you are not bound to eating out for three meals a day. Instead, you can mix and match, making the most of saving money by cooking for yourself. There is no shortage of supermarkets offering some of Portugal’s finest ingredients.
  • Travel During an Off Peak Season – If you are travelling as a family, you might be limited by the school holidays. Unfortunately, this can be a much more expensive time to travel, as it’s considered to be peak season. If you can avoid travelling during the peak season, you will save a lot of money, as flights and accommodation prices tend to go down. This is because fewer people are able to travel. You will also benefit from a slightly quieter Carvoeiro in the off season, which is great news if you are hoping for a relaxing and tranquil holiday in Portugal.
  • Be Willing to Compromise – Though you might have a very specific vision in mind for your holiday in Carvoeiro, be willing to compromise if it means saving money. There are a tonne of affordable options for accommodation in Carvoeiro, and this is a quick way to reduce the cost of your trip. However, you might need to compromise slightly, and perhaps you won’t be able to stay exactly where you were hoping. The good thing is, even Carvoeiro’s budget accommodation has a lot to offer.

Is Carvoeiro an Expensive Holiday Destination?

There is a lot of misconception out there about Carvoeiro and it being an expensive holiday destination, but that really isn’t the case. Though there are certainly a lot of premium hotels and expensive restaurants in the area, it’s entirely possible to holiday in Carvoeiro without breaking the bank. Throughout the Algarve, and all of Portugal for that matter, you will find a lot of costly places to stay; there are five star hotels, impressive restaurants and luxurious resorts scattered throughout the region. However, that doesn’t mean that Carvoeiro can’t be done in a cost effective and affordable way. If you follow the top tips given above, you are sure to enjoy a holiday in Carvoeiro that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

You shouldn’t be deterred from booking a holiday in Carvoeiro simply because you think it might be expensive. As long as you look for deals and do a little bit of research, you are sure to find accommodation and flights that work with your budget. You can also save money once you are in Carvoeiro by taking advantage of self catering amenities and making the most of free activities, such as going to the beach or enjoying the beautiful coastline.

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