What’s Portugal Like as a Winter Holiday Destination?

There is something special about going on holiday in the winter; it feels like a special treat, to be going away when a lot of other people aren’t. Though the summer is certainly the most popular time to go on holiday, Portugal has a lot to offer winter travellers also. It’s the time when Portugal is quieter, relaxed and a lot less busy. But, it still boasts reliable weather and a lot to see, do and experience. If you are planning a winter holiday in Europe, Portugal is well worth considering.

Why You Should Visit Portugal in the Winter

There is no denying that summertime is the most popular time to visit Portugal, but that doesn’t mean that visiting the country at other times of year is off the cards completely. In fact, Portugal has a lot to offer in the winter, and many holidaymakers specifically choose to visit during the cooler months. This is because visiting Portugal in the winter means cheaper accommodation, reliable weather, comfortable weather and tranquillity. Below, we have listed some of the top reasons to visit Portugal in winter.

  • Accommodation Tends to Be Cheaper – There are a lot of accommodation options in Portugal, and many of these are cheaper during the winter months. This is because summer is the peak season for travelling in Europe, as it’s when children are on holiday from school, so it’s a popular and common time to travel. If you go to Portugal in the winter, you are likely to find accommodation is a lot cheaper. You are also likely to have a lot more options, as you won’t be competing with a lot of other tourists for the best hotels and apartments, and you are likely to spend less. Going to Portugal in the winter means having access to some of the top accommodation, but at some of the lowest prices.
  • It’s Warmer and Sunnier Than Elsewhere in Europe – There are a lot of holiday destinations in Europe, but many of these are cold and snowy during the winter. However, Portugal tends to be warmer and sunnier. This means you can enjoy some sunshine, without having to travel too far or spend too much. Unless you are purposely looking for a colder climate, Portugal makes for a wonderful escape from the rain and clouds of home. Of course, Portugal is by no means going to offer a heatwave in the winter, but it is one of the warmer places in Europe to holiday.
  • You Can Enjoy Being Outside Without the Heat – Portugal, especially throughout the Algarve region, has a lot of things to see and do. This is one of the main reasons holidaymakers choose it as their destination of choice, as they are unlikely to find themselves short of things to see and do. However, enjoying these in the summer does mean spending a lot of time in the heat. Though this does make a nice change, and it’s the reason a lot of people head to Portugal, the heat can become too much if you are outside all day. When you visit Portugal in the winter, you can enjoy all of the same activities, but without needing to worry about being too warm.
  • There Are Fewer Queues and Crowds – If you go to Portugal in the summer, you can expect a lot of crowds. This is because summertime is the most popular time to visit Portugal. When you go to Portugal in the winter, you will notice significantly fewer tourists and holidaymakers. This gives you the chance to truly explore everything Portugal has to offer without having to worry about the queues. Restaurants are likely to be quieter, beaches tend to be peaceful and attractions are largely free of crowds. This is ideal if you prefer a calmer holiday destination.
  • Winter Brings Beautiful Scenery – Portugal is known for its beautiful beaches and coastline, especially in the Algarve region of the country, and there is no shortage of greenery. However, that doesn’t simply disappear during the colder months. A lot of people make the mistake of assuming that winter in Portugal means a lack of scenery, but this isn’t the case at all. You can enjoy just as much outdoor beauty during the winter in Portugal.

Should I Visit Portugal in Winter or Summer?

There are a lot of reasons to visit Portugal in the winter, many of which we have listed above. It’s a welcoming, beautiful and calm place to be during the colder months. It’s when accommodation is at its cheapest, the beaches are quieter and attractions are a lot less busy. However, you are unlikely to experience weather that’s warm enough for sunbathing and topping up your tan. Though Portuguese weather is generally reliable in the winter and sunshine is frequent, it’s certainly cooler than other times of year.

Portugal has a lot of holiday destinations, but the Algarve is one of the best if you are travelling in the winter. This is because the Algarve has beaches, coastline and a lot of outdoor activities. It’s a great place to go if you want to experience Portugal in the winter, without being confined to indoor attractions and being in a busy city.

If you are seeking a holiday that involves spending a lot of time at the beach and soaking up the sun, Portugal in the summer is likely to appeal the most. If you are looking for a holiday that’s tranquil and boasts beautiful scenery, consider visiting Portugal in the winter.

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